7 Ways to Take Care of Your Pet Dog

They say you will never find a companion as faithful as a dog so when you get one, you might as well treat her or him with steadfast love. That moment you decide you need a pet dog, whether to stand guard for your home or to play with your kids, you instantly add a new member to the family. As with all other family members that you cater to, here are 7 ways to take care of your pet dog.

1. Get advice from professionals

Getting a dog can be a challenge and you may end up frustrated if your pet keeps peeing on the carpet when you have set up a designated spot for it. A qualified dog trainer has sufficient knowledge and experience regarding different breeds and their temperaments. With them assisting, you will be in a better position to understand and care for your pet comfortably.

2. Make friends with it

Take time off your busy schedule to play with your pet or take it for a walk. You can let the pet have toys such as balls to bond with the kids. Remember to put your dog on a leash to avoid it running into accidents while outside, and get a well-fitting collar with its name on it for safety purposes.

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3. Feed your pet well

Give your pet food it enjoys, especially if you have it got from a place it was used to certain foods. Continue with its preferences and introduce other feeds slowly as you monitor the response. Moreover, get food that is highly nutritious to keep your dog in good health. Also, try to give it fresh food always.

4. Keep the outdoors safe

The same way you ensure your kids have a safe place to play outside, do the same for your pet. You should build a fence so it can run within your home compound and get daily exercise. You should build your pet a house where it can lay when it needs to rest. Ensure that the roof is weather resistant and it has a raised floor to keep it safe from insects.

5. Allow some space

A pet new to your home needs time to adapt therefore give it some space to do so. As it adjusts, give it the attention it deserves, and show some affection by preparing a bed and giving it food and water.

6. Keep your indoors safe

A pet could easily walk into sharp objects and suffer an injury. You should, therefore, keep your house safe by removing any pointed objects and keep electrical wires out of reach. Moreover, dogs love chewing on things so if you have plants in your home, make sure they are not poisonous.

7. Keep your dog well-groomed

Have your dog as clean as possible by brushing its teeth and fur often. Check its paws weekly and trim the nails, or take it to the vet to do it for you. Check the ears as well, and look out for ticks and fleas. You should bathe your dog and wash its house too to minimize pest infestation.